Our Story

The Great Midwest Seafood Company was started in February of 1983 by Jeff & Janet Melchert out of a desire to provide the land-locked Midwest with fresh, quality seafood.

The early days were retail only but, soon after, local chefs were calling on them with their seafood orders. This launched The Great Midwest Seafood Company into the seafood supply business for not only the Quad Cities Area, but the entire Midwest.

Dave Serrurier partnered soon after in 1986 and his wife, Jennie, joined in 1998.

After college, Jeff’s son, Dave Melchert came to work. He had a seafood background dating back to his high-school days (1993) delivering seafood and helping retail customers. His wife, Sandra, joined in 2015.

In 2014 Jeff Melchert stepped back as an owner.  Today, Dave Serrurier and Dave Melchert (also known as ‘The Daves’ around the office) are the two owner/operators.

The Great Midwest Seafood Company thrives today by continuing to operate with one goal in mind: to provide the Midwest with the freshest seafood possible.

Meet Our Team

Dave Melchert
Sandra Melchert
Dave Serrurier
Jennie Serrurier
Aaron Feeney
Ryan Moore